Fast Flickr

Fast Flickr is my first WordPress plugin. This plugin shows a set of Flickr easily, with Lightbox 2 suport.

1) Download the plugin.
2) Copy Fast Flickr folder into wp-content/plugins.
3) Active in Plugins Panel
4) In sidebar.php, paste:

< ?php fastflickr("Set id", "Show title of set: false or true","Show description: false or true"); ?>


< ?php fastflickr("72157594168783620", 1,1); ?>

FAST FLICKR IN ACTION (WITHOUT TITLE, DESCRIPTION AND CSS): fastflickr(“72157594168783620”, 0,0); There is 3 CSS Class of this code: .f_title (title of set), .f_description (description of set) and .f_picture (used in images). An example of style:

.f_title {font-weight: bold; display: block}
.f_description {color: red; display: block}
.f_picture {border: 1px solid #999999; padding:4px; margin: 3px;}

Note: to run Fast Flickr in any post, you need of PHP Exec Plugin, that allows PHP executations. For default, WordPress deny PHP Scripts in posts and pages.



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