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In the last years, newsletters became more and more popular. Along with Twitter and RSS, it is one of my favourite ways to keep me updated it. Here are the ones I follow:

  • Software Lead Weekly – if you are a team lead, engineer manager, CTO you will like this one. Worth to mention their Slack group.
  • Changelog – independently of your stack, Changelog is a rich newsletter with interviews and tool suggestions. They also have a podcast – Example
  • Dense Directory – Every Tuesday a newsletter helping web workers be productive, stay inspired and think critically
  • dev tips – Chrome Dev Tools gifs weekly in your email.
  • JavaScript Weekly – a once–weekly email roundup of JavaScript news and articles
  • React Status – another one about JavaScript but React focused – Example
  • Ruby Weekly – once-weekly emails about Ruby. This one and the previous two are curated by cooperpress
  • Daily Developer Tips – code snippets, tools, techniques, and interesting stuff from around the web.
  • Gartner L2 Daily Insights – news and research analysis across digital marketing, site & e-commerce, mobile and social media.



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