I started this website on 2005
and here is a behind the scenes

About this website

Since I was a teenager I liked to read blogs to learn more about webstandards and Linux. I also wanted to share what I knew and then I started blogging at Blogspot until I create my own website.

Over the years, people moved from personal websites to social media. I learned a lot from famous and not famous tech people on Twitter but in all these platforms the creator doesn't own their content. Having a website is the only way to guarantee the content will be live for eternity (or until you keep paying the hosting bill).


  1. Dec 2022

    Moved to Next.js

    Closed the year with the idea of writing more and leveraging Next.js better for my content. Blog post with details.

  2. Apr 2020

    Moved to Hugo

    Ported all WordPress content to Hugo. Blog post with details.

  3. Apr 2005

    Got this domain

    I was still in high school when I registered this domain. Back in the day, there were no .io or .dev domains and .net was usually the choice of people working with the Internet.