Custom filenames in VS Code navbar

When App Router was released in Next.js I was not a big fan of the file structure. I thought that having multiple page.tsx, layout.tsx files make things a bit confusing in the code editor.

In March 2024's release ↗︎, VS Code included a feature that helps labeling the files currently opened in the editor. Here is my customization:

VS Code tabs

"workbench.editor.customLabels.patterns": {
  "**/app/**/page.{tsx,ts,jsx,js,mdx}": "${dirname} [page]",
  "**/app/**/index.{tsx,ts,jsx,js}": "${dirname} [index]",
  "**/app/**/layout.{tsx,ts,jsx,js}": "${dirname} [layout]",
  "**/app/**/template.{tsx,ts,jsx,js}": "${dirname} [template]",
  // For a second level route
  "**/app/**/[[]*[]]/page.{tsx,ts,jsx,js,mdx}": "${dirname(1)}/${dirname} [page]",
  "**/app/**/[[]*[]]/index.{tsx,ts,jsx,js}": "${dirname(1)}/${dirname} [index]",
  "**/app/**/[[]*[]]/layout.{tsx,ts,jsx,js}": "${dirname(1)}/${dirname} [layout]",
  "**/app/**/[[]*[]]/template.{tsx,ts,jsx,js}": "${dirname(1)}/${dirname} [template]",
  // For a third level route
  "**/app/**/[[]*[]]/**/[[]*[]]/page.{tsx,ts,jsx,js,mdx}": "${dirname(2)}/${dirname(1)}/${dirname} [page]",
  "**/app/**/[[]*[]]/**/[[]*[]]/index.{tsx,ts,jsx,js}": "${dirname(2)}/${dirname(1)}/${dirname} [index]",
  "**/app/**/[[]*[]]/**/[[]*[]]/layout.{tsx,ts,jsx,js}": "${dirname(2)}/${dirname(1)}/${dirname} [layout]",
  "**/app/**/[[]*[]]/**/[[]*[]]/template.{tsx,ts,jsx,js}": "${dirname(2)}/${dirname(1)}/${dirname} [template]",
  "**/app/**/route.ts": "${dirname} [route]",
  "**/components/**/index.{tsx,ts,jsx,js}": "${dirname} [component]", 

The configuration takes in consideration routes with nested subroutes, for example posts/[id]/page.tsx or posts/[id]/comments/[commentId]/page.tsx. I usually wouldn't expect the third level route labeling being needed, but I included in this micropost as an example of extensibility.

The last line of this config improves the navigability of many projects, especially component libraries: people often organize their components into separated folders and use a index.tsx for the main code (ex: button/index.tsx, modal/index.tsx). The change above will improve how these files are shown in the navbar.



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