Nothing is forever in the www world.
Here are a few projects from my past.

Project types: Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Mobile, Flash.

On 2016 I joined Thinkific and I stopped freelancing. My updated resume.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is my go-to option for personal projects and for cases I want to deliver fast value to a client.


2015 Online (restricted)

MVB is a B2B website to connect mall stores and clothes factories from my hometown. It was used by 40 factories during three events, selling millions of Brazilian reais in fast-fashion.

MVB screenshot


2011 Online (restricted)

Envirosax has been the leader in design-led reusable shopping bags. In this store, business owners can buy Envirosax bags to re-sell in their physical stores. Above is a 5-min video showing the features of the store.

Guia da TV

2011 Offline

Guia da TV was a weekend project with Brazilian TV Channel Listings. You could open the website to see what was coming to cable TV in the next hours.

Guia da TV


2009 Online

autosimulado is a website started in my college to help my girlfriend to learn traffic rules. More than 40.000 people used this service to prepare for driver license exams.

autosimulado screenshot

Horoscopo no MSN

2010 Offline

Horoscopo no MSN was a MSN bot that I created to deliver horoscope daily to the MSN users who added a specific email in their contact list.

Horoscopo no MSN screenshot


2008 Online

codestacker is a community to share code snippets, before GitHub Gists, Codepen, CodeSandbox and others. The idea was replicating a blog model with syntax highlighting for developers.

codestacker screenshot


Ministry of Social Security

I have worked in a dozen projects using this CMS in Brazil and Canada. Most times I would be the solo programmer working with a designer.

The most important work to mention is the website of the Ministry of Social Security in Brasil. Back in 2013, Brazil’s government wanted to standardize all their citizen portals using Plone or Wordpress. In this project I was responsible for moving existing data (2.000+ pages, 20.000+ posts) from their in-house made solution to WP, coordinating the transition with in their infrastructure provider and training the personnel responsible for content updates.

Previdência Social website screenshot


I have used Phonegap in the past for creating iOS and Android mobile apps.

Writing for IELTS and Toefl

2015 Offline

IELTS and Toefl are two international tests required for admission in universities / immigration in English-speaking countries. While I was studying for the tests, I decided to create an app with writing questions and tips, to help people like me.

Writing for IELTS and Toefl

e-Recursos App

2013 Offline

e-Recursos was the first Brazilian Social Security mobile app. Citizen would use the app for getting status updates of their requests.

erecursos screenshot


Flash is dead but back in 2000’s it was the go-to solution for the so called interactive websites.

Monkey Radio

2008 Offline

Monkey Store was a hip teenager store chain in different Brazil cities. The store had its own streaming for customers.

Monkey Radio screenshot


2006 - 2009 Online

My favourite Flash projects were created for the t-shirt brand is®.

Collections: Winter 2006 / Summer 2007 / Winter 2008 / Winter 2009

is® screenshot