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Building Emergenetics Explorer

Last year I built a tool to visualize data from Emergenetics Profile. In this post, you will learn what is Emergenetics, why and how I built Emergenetics Explorer, a data visualization tool in my spare time.

The path to Staff Engineer

What happens after you are a Senior Engineer in a startup? How do you align your career goals with what the company you work for needs? In this post, I share my personal experience while I also talk about the Staff Engineer book.

The Mentoring Framework

Last October I created a Mentoring Framework at work. The goal was creating a project from scratch using Ruby on Rails and in this journey, learning more about Ruby, Frontend, Project Management and Git, Databases and DevOps.

Engineering Manager Readme

Being a Team Lead requires more than tech skills: you interact daily with people and it is quite challenging building stronger relationships and improving employees onboarding. The following document is my People Lead Readme (sometimes known as Manager Readme), where I talk about me and I share my expectations on people and on the product.


This document is an extended introduction to what I value and believe in as a team leader and software developer. It is also a quick introduction about myself and how I work.

  • This document doesn't replace getting to know each other through 1:1s and day-to-day chats. As I said before, it is an introduction.
  • This document applies only to me, and in no way should be considered to apply to any other team lead or manager at Thinkific – even though we think in similar ways sometimes.
  • If you feel like I am not acting like I describe here, please let me know.
  • If you are curious why this document exists in the first place: there is a newsletter called SoftwareLeadWeekly (recommended) and managers share their own readme's there. After seeing several documents, I decided to write my own.