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3 privacy-focused open-source Google Analytics alternatives for your next project

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As a content creator, I like to know page analytics of my website. Overall, I am curious to learn how many people are reading my content, where they came from (referrer and countries) and what are the most popular pages. 20 years ago, tools like Webalizer were all that we could count on. This tool parses the Apache logs and create static pages with the processed data. Another way to get page analytics would be inserting an image - often invisible - in your website.

Bento theme released

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Earlier on April I moved this website from Wordpress to Hugo. I like how Hugo is minimalist, fast and the fact I don’t need to maintain one more JavaScript codebase :) I created a theme for this website inspired by Casper (v1), Medium and many other minimalist journal templates. Bento was just released in the Hugo Themes website and I decided to do here a show & tell about the work done.