Relaunching Writing Skills

Back in 2015, I moved to Canada to attend a post-degree program. Foreign students need to take a test to prove their proficiency and IELTS and TOEFL the most popular ones. After taking both tests, I decided to build a mobile app with writing prompts, so people like me could practice for the real test.

Old app

The iPhone 6/Nexus 5 from the image above tells you how long ago this was

The app made me a small amount of money and I didn't focus on it since I was busy with a full-time job while restarting my life in Canada. In the last few weeks, I decided to rebuild the application, but this time focusing on the web.


The original mobile app had 100 writing prompts and some information about the tests and tips on how to structure the texts. I ported this content to the new version and I also want to explore new things, perhaps AI reviews (with Replicate ↗︎, for example).

Check Writing Skills ↗︎ live!


Nothing new here, classic TNT 🧨: TypeScript, Next.js and Tailwind CSS. I am also using Supabase for authentication and database and Stripe for subscriptions. The app has some nice animations with Framer Motion and this is my first time using shadcn/ui ↗︎

My proof of concept using Replicate was very positive, their wrapper around open-source models make very easy to build something quickly and scalable (as long you also have a good credit card).



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