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Terminal tips tweets

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A while ago I started a thread on Twitter with a few terminal tips. There are lots of CLIs in NPM and they can be very handy in our daily work. Here they are and if you like them, follow me :) 1. list-scripts and npm-list-scripts give you a list of available npm script including what each script does. Useful for documentation: 💻 npm i -g list-scripts npm-list-scripts 🌎 https://t.

My list of GitHub tips and third-party apps

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I work at Thinkific with 20+ other developers (we are hiring for multiple positions) in different codebases. GitHub is part of our toolkit, and I decided to write a post sharing a few Chrome extensions, integrations and third-party apps that help me be productive as an individual contributor and organized as code reviewer and team lead. Chrome extensions Refined GitHub Sindre Sorhus extension brings a massive list of improvements to GitHub UI and many of them have become part of the product after a bit.

Another dotfiles repository

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A few days weeks I got a MacBook Air as secondary machine. Since its SSD is smaller than my main Mac I couldn’t use Time Machine. It was definitely a good time to finally create my dotfiles repository. My repository is based in webpro/dotfiles (you may want to check it out his repo to understand this one if you feel lost).

Testing tools to track my work activity

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For a few weeks I have been using two tools to map my work activity. Since my work involves manager and maker modes, I am trying to figure out how much time I spent in each of them and possibly how to remove distractions. A co-worker recommended RescueTime and WakaTime and here are my comments.


RescueTime home page says “With so many distractions and possibilities in your digital life, it’s easy to get scattered” – yes, I know – and “RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive”. Yes, they really helped me understand my daily habits.

Useful apps that I use daily – 2017 edition

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2 years ago I wrote a post about my tooling and here I am again, 2017 edition. I decided to write again because I keep listening to podcasts with Sick Picks and I also have my Sick Picks :)

Dev tools

Editor: Atom

I have been using Atom for a while. Despite I started testing VS Code in the latest months, I returned to Atom because VS Code doesn’t separate UI theme from syntax theme – you may not care about this, but I am a fan of a light UI and a dark code highlight.

My Atom

Here are the packages that I have installed:

Cloudready or how to get a Chrome OS in a non-Chromebook laptop

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Few months ago I saw in The Verge a post about CloudReady. CloudReady is a remake of Chromium OS ready to go in old PCs or Macs. The company behind the product sells its solutions/support to organizations interested in keeping using their hardware. It’s really interesting. I am writing this post because my wife has an old Samsung laptop and I finally found a time to give a chance to CloudReady.

Excluding folders from indexing in Sublime

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Sometimes we work in projects with tons of Javascript dependencies. Folders like node_modules and bower_components are a pain in the neck because every time that we need to find something in the project the content of these folders will be used in the search.

Sublime offers 2 settings to hide these files from the index. First of all, open the User Preferences (Preferences -> Settings – User):

  • binary_file_patterns: This option excludes files from the index but keep them in the sidebar.
  • folder_exclude_patterns: This option excludes files from the index and sidebar. This is why, for example, you don’t see the .git folder in a project.

Resolving slow loading of local virtualhosts on Chrome

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I’ve in my development mac different virtualhosts, using .local or .wp TLDs. Opening these address in Chrome are slow – about 3 seconds ‘resolving address’. This situation doesn’t happen in Safari or Firefox. Here is my typical /etc/hosts configuration:

Shell script para gravar áudio da Web

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This post is also available in English.

Um dos meus programas de rádio favoritos é o Central 98, da 98FM (de Belo Horizonte). Ele começa às 10h da manhã e devido a diferença de 6h de fuso horário eu não consigo ouví-lo ao vivo. Então, criei um shell script para gravar o programa e assim posso ouvi-lo no meu tempo livre.

Shell script for audio recording

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Esse artigo está disponível em português.

One of my favourite radio shows happens every day at 10 AM (Brasilia Timezone). I was unable to listen to it because the time zones. Then, I created the following small shell script to record the show and then I can listen to it in my free time.